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Mallforms Sandbanks Provincial Park and Pickerel Fishing Bay of Quinte


So it’s early fall and still a bit early for pickerel fishing in the Bay of Quinte (best fishing is in November).  But what the heck, any time is good fishing time!

We hadn’t been fishing in a while, so my son and I decided to bag a day off and go pickerel fishing in Picton on the Bay of Quinte.  For those of you considering this, there’s a public boat launch on Head Street in Picton.

Since Picton is quite a ways from where we are, we decided to head down the night before.  As we’d made the decision very last minute, we didn’t have anything booked.  And it was late September, so not much open in the way of campsites.  We actually booked a campsite that was closed, but they called as we were about 1/2 hour from Picton and it started to get complicated – so we figured, hey, the provincial park should be open, right?  And sure enough Sandbanks Provincial Park was open.  We arrived at about 6pm.

Nobody at the front gate that time of year that late at night of course, but no problem!  You know those Parking pay kiosks they have in

big cities, just zip your credit card, pick a time, and it spits out a ticket? They have one at the front gate!.  Put my card in, selected one day’s camping, paid my $42, and it spit out a ticket.  With most of the park empty, we could pick whatever site we wanted.

We drove around a bit and ended up with a beach side campsite.  There was a surprising amount of people there for a Sunday evening in late September, but we easily found a prime campsite with our nearest neighbours about two or three sites away on either side.  Set up our tent (that’s not a tent! THIS is a tent!  we have a 12X14 canvas wall tent that is big enough to hold tables, cots, etc) and had a campfire on the beach.

What a beautiful site!  The beach is vast and expansive, flat white sand.  We walked out a bit, and it’s one of those gentle slopes, we went way way out and it was only up to our knees.  If you want sandy beaches, sandbanks provincial park in Quinte is the place to go.

Here’s a pic from our campsite, looking out onto the water across the beach.  If you can get a beachside campsite, get one.

Would I go back?  Well, that depends.  It’s pretty clear that this place must be absolutely insane in the summer – I’m sure there’s thousands

of people there.  If you don’t mind the crowds, then the site is magnificent.  Since we prefer fewer people rather than more, I’ll keep this as a spot we’ll visit in the offseason.


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